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We are Erik and Jennifer Lankford...married for 11 years! We are the proud parents of Isaac Joseph who was born June 15, 2007 and Hadleigh Jane who was born July 15, 2007. They were placed in our home when they were 10 days old and adopted SEPTEMBER 12, 2008. On November 2, 2010 we welcomed Libby Louise into our family and we couldn't be happier. In July of 2012 we welcomed Isaac's biological brother to our family. Jaiden's adoption finalized on Feb 14, 2013. On November 21, 2012 we welcomed Mollie Ryan in to our home to bring us up to 5 children. We live in Aspermont, TX. I have been doing photography for 9 years. I shoot with the CANON 5D Mark II in hopes of buying the 1D eventually. My favorite lenses are the 70-200 2.8 IS and the 85mm prime! I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing families, children, newborns, high school seniors and maternity!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Video

This was the funniest part of the whole day!!

Memorial Day Weekend

Our original plans were to go to Corpus Christi to see my friends Tawny, Nick and baby Kya and also visit Katie and Josh and Erik's family. Well when our babies got the Chicken Pox I figured I better not take them around the new baby. I needed to do a newborn session in Hamilton so we decided to go there for that and visit our dear friends Jenny, Charles, Cade and Cash! Some of our VERY VERY Favorite people!! Her boys are older and have had the vaccination so no need to worry about sharing our POX with them! BTW, our babies are much longer contagious...they have not popped up any new bumps in a few days! Here are some photos from our Memorial Day! This was their first time in the swimming pool and they loved it!

Our friend Cash..pouring water on his head and Cade(not sure what he's doing)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hadleigh's New Tricks

I just had to post this photo because I LOVE these little crop pants on her. They are so cute. Mema bought these for Hadleigh at Walmart! She is now pulling up on everything and finally crawling on her hands and knees. She is working on traveling along the couch and other things. Today she even stood all by herself without holding on to anything for about 3 seconds!

These videos are so funny. In the first one she is playing with a little turtle that we bought for Isaac for Easter from the Spunky Monkey in Fredericksburg. It pops when you push it and she is learning how it works. In the second video Isaac is pushing Hadleigh in the Pooh Bear car that Mimi and Grampy (Erik's Dad and Stepmom) got him for Christmas. It is 12-36 months so we are just now getting it out to play. Hadleigh has a Princess one too! Just click the play button to view the videos

Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 22, 2008

On this day we went to court. At 9:30 am and 10:30 am. At 9:30 we went in for Isaac's trial. His parents did not show up, nor did any other family member. We did not learn any new information as far as where his family was. Trial did not last long at all and the judge terminated rights to the parents. Technically there is a 90 day waiting period before we can file for the adoption. During this time the parents still have NO rights, but if a family member were to come into the picture they can fight for him. We don't have ANY concerns that this will happen! We are waiting on a call back from our lawyer to see about starting the process. The judge said that it will probably not take the full 90 days. Then at 10:30 we went in for Hadleigh's trial and the rights were also terminated to her parents. We found out that the dad is in jail and the mom just got out of jail. The judge WAIVED the 90 waiting period for her so we can go ahead and file papers for the adoption on her. The only thing that is holding us back is that we have to now get an Adoption Home Study done on our house. Once that is complete we can start the paper work. From what the judge said our lawyer is really good and on top of things. We actually found out that she has been calling the CPS caseworker to get the ball rolling! All that's to say that we are super BLESSED by all the prayers from EVERYONE....even people we don't know! Thank you to Raimey's Life Group, Thank you to ALL of our FRIENDS AND FAMILY! Thursday was a great day for us! PRAISE GOD!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chicken Pox: That's what we get for THINKING!

So yesterday I took Hadleigh to the Dr. b/c she had what I "thought" were bug bites all over her. A few weeks ago at her 9 month check up the Dr. did a culture on what we "thought" was a bug bite and it came back normal, but he said to bring her back if she got more. Well she didn't really get more until a few days ago. Last week she ran a little fever and we "thought" it was an ear infection, but decided to wait it out a few days and see. Well Friday when she came home from Daycare she was running fever again, so our friends who kept them gave her some tylenol and then Sunday morning when we got home from church I noticed that she had some more "bites" around her armpit. I'm not kidding they look like flea or ant bites. Anyway I really needed to get some work done so we took both of them to school on Monday not really thinking about it and when she came home Monday evening she had even MORE "bites", so being the smart mom that I am I took her in yesterday morning only to discover it was CHICKEN POX!!! Who would have thought they could get it this young! Actually I am kind of glad, b/c now we won't have to give them the Chicken Pox vaccination which doesn't always work anyway! There is still an 20% chance your kid will get it even with the vaccination! They gave her some medicine that should help it not last as long! I don't know if you can really see them that well, but here are some pics (if you click on the image it should enlarge). She has them everywhere, behind her ears, on her head, by her eye, under her arms, in her "diaper line", on her legs and back! It's awful.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hadleigh's 9 month Portraits

Here are a few more!

Well here are 2 portraits of the girl when she turned 9 months old. Yes I am a month behind, but I just got these two back from Teri. I do have all of them that I am working on editing, so you will see more later, but these 2 are pretty cute! Hope you enjoy! I can't believe she is already 10 months old! Time flies!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


So just a week ago I posted that Isaac had started to walk and was taking about 4 or 5 steps! Well now look at him!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

Well I was reading Becky's Mother's Day blog and realized I was behind and that we had a few things in common about our Mother's Day and that was that is was the whole weekend, and not just one day. It all started Friday at 11:30, Erik and I headed to San Antonio to stay at our Time Share for the night. We were actually meeting some friends there, but they were not arriving until around 5:00. So we got checked in and Erik took me for my 1st SURPRISE!! It was a 75 minute HOT STONE massage at the Watermark Day Spa. Apparently Eva Longoria Parker frequents here! Yes I know, HIGH CLASS!! Well the massage was wonderful. When our friends Jessica and John arrived, Jessica cooked spaghetti and I made a salad and we just visited for a while and walked downtown on the River Walk and had Ben and Jerry's for dessert! Before we went to bed I got another present...some pj's from American Eagle! I LOVE PJ's!! Then on Saturday we got up and before we left I got ANOTHER present..a cute little sundress. And then Erik and I just went shopping before I had to photograph a wedding and he had a baseball game. Of course the next morning we got up and went to church and then took mom aka MEMA to Cracker Barrell for was sooooooooo yummy! Then when we got home I got my LAST present from my babies! It was a basket filled with all kinds of girly stuff like bath beads, and a candle and some other stuff and a charm for my charm bracelet that baby Ryan started for me last year! It was a GREAT Mother's Day. I told Erik he's going to have a lot to live up to next year! We'll see!
Other than that I feel so blessed to be a mom, especially to the most precious babies in the world! We are so thankful that God placed them in our lives and our home and hopefully FOREVER!! Only a week to go before court...(hopefully). I also feel blessed to have 2 Great mom's in my life! To my mom who has been so gracious of her time to take care of our babies while we went for an ADULT weekend and to Linda who came and stayed for 10 days to help while I was gone! Isaac and Hadleigh had a blast getting to know their Grandma! THANK YOU mom's for loving us and being an Inspiration in the way we raise our own children! We LOVE you!!!

Brandon and Jennifer

Okay, so the reason I am posting this engagement session is because I have known this "little" boy practically since he was born. His name is Brandon and his lovely fiance is Jennifer. (She has a great name don't you think? I like her already) Anyway, I used to babysit Brandon and his 3 brothers from the time I was like 12 years old. His family is very dear to my family as we have known each other a VERY LONG time! We all went to church together in Midland..which is where I grew up. It's hard to believe that he's 23 (I think) and about to get married soon! Wow I feel old and I am ONLY 29!! Brandon and Jennifer both graduated from Howard Payne University. Brandon is now in Seminary at Hardin Simmons University! Well, I wish you guys the best!! I am so happy you called me to take your portraits!! God Bless you both!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Charity Ball Fun!

Most of you probably don't know this, but I am part of an organization in Kerrville called the Hill Country Charity Ball Association. Each year we choose a deserving charity to raise money for. This year it was the YMCA. They are raising money to organize an after school program at our Junior High. Most of these children have to wait in the parking lot of the school until 4:30 or sometimes much later, even after all the teachers have gone, for their working parents. Anyway, here are some pictures from the Ball which was April 19th. ( I know I am behind in my posting) It was kind of fun to get "Dressed Up" again! I think it's been at least 6 or 7 years since I put on a formal dress. It's been almost 6 years since I've seen my husband in tux! Woohooo!

These are our friends Jon and Andrea Sibert. We went to Starbucks for our "After Party" party!

Jon and Andrea Me, Tiffany, Molly, ? and Rhonda

Jon, Erik, Luke, Bob and Coley

Andrea, Tiffany, Andrea and Me

Friday, May 2, 2008

What happens in 5 days

So I've been gone for 5 days and this is what has happened in the mean time. Of course I missed is "FIRST" 4 steps, but that's okay! We FINALLY got these steps on video. It took us about an hour because all he wanted to do was play with the camera. It was pretty funny. I cannot believe he's growing so fast. But, honestly I will be glad when at least one of them is walking so I don't have to carry 2 car seats everywhere! Boy do they get heavy!!

This is the other thing that happened while I was gone for 5 days. Hadleigh has been "crawling" (if you will) for about a week now, but nothing like this. She has gotten so FAST since I've been gone. Is this not the funniest thing you've ever seen? Apparently she and Isaac have been chasing each other around the kitchen table playing! It's amazing what can happen in ONLY 5 days.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Isaac's Trial Postponed

Well today Erik and his mom went to San Antonio for the hearing this morning at 10:30 only to find out that Isaac's trial had been postponed until MAY 22. Yes that is the same day as Hadleigh's, which to some it may sound great, but that's just 21 more days that something could come up.
Apparently his case worker and her supervisor had to be out on an "EMERGENCY" removal of a boy from his home and they MUST be present for the trial. Thankfully they have reassured us that everything is still going as planned. His biologicals have not shown up which is great for us.
It's just so frustrating, but maybe something good will come of it. I was unable to make it to this one and I was a little upset about that so as they say "The Lord works in mysterious ways". Maybe He just knew how much I wanted to be there. That is about the only positive thing I can think of right now.

Isaac Joseph Lankford

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Hadleigh Jane Lankford

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