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We are Erik and Jennifer Lankford...married for 11 years! We are the proud parents of Isaac Joseph who was born June 15, 2007 and Hadleigh Jane who was born July 15, 2007. They were placed in our home when they were 10 days old and adopted SEPTEMBER 12, 2008. On November 2, 2010 we welcomed Libby Louise into our family and we couldn't be happier. In July of 2012 we welcomed Isaac's biological brother to our family. Jaiden's adoption finalized on Feb 14, 2013. On November 21, 2012 we welcomed Mollie Ryan in to our home to bring us up to 5 children. We live in Aspermont, TX. I have been doing photography for 9 years. I shoot with the CANON 5D Mark II in hopes of buying the 1D eventually. My favorite lenses are the 70-200 2.8 IS and the 85mm prime! I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing families, children, newborns, high school seniors and maternity!!

Monday, June 30, 2008


So I am taking a little break from the beach to post these birthday cake pics! (Mainly b/c I haven't had a chance to look at the rest from the beach) These were a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy! Isaac turned ONE on June 15 and Hadleigh will be ONE on July 15th! CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Surfside Beach, TX 2008 Family Vacation Part 1

We left on our journey to Surfside Beach, TX on Sunday June 22. We left Kerrville around 1:30 and headed East on I-10.

It took us a while to get there, making 3 stops. One stop in Boerne to see some friends..yeah we didn't make it very far, but had to see some VERY important people. That took about 45 minutes, then the next VERY important stop was Buc-ees gas station in Luling. They have the cleanest bathrooms EVER so we always stop there. That also took about 45 minutes b/c it was so packed. The third stop was to feed the babies!

"Are we there yet?" Yes finally we arrived, I guess around 7 or 7:30. WE MADE IT! We got our things unpacked and made our beds. We rented a 3 bedroom, 2 bath beach house that sleeps 12 people. It has a living room, dining room, full kitchen and washer and dryer. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it was nice on the inside. The only thing lacking was internet service...but I think we survived. Erik and I headed into town to Walmart (Lake Jackson) to get some things for breakfast the next morning as Scott, Leighanne and the kids were arriving. Once we were all back at the house we went out for some night time seashell hunting. OH my goodness there were so many seashells and big whole ones at that. We NEVER find that at Port Aransas! It was awesome. The next morning we got up to head to the beach!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Baby Kya & her cousin Aiden

Kya is 4 months old now! I cannot believe how time flies! She is so precious and boy does she LOVE her daddy! (and her MOMMA too) Here are some portraits we took while they were here last weekend! Next time we are going to get her with her Mommy!

Reaching for Daddy......So Precious

Doesn't she look like a doll? BEAUTIFUL!!!

Aiden's Muscles..................Aiden's Personality Collage

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Visit with "Aunt" Becky and Jorja Mae

Becky and Jorja came to visit on Monday! We have really not done a whole lot except for eat, sleep and take naps. You know...that's what babies do, RIGHT? Jorja is just really not too sure about Hadleigh and Isaac, but I think she is warming up a little. And now they will be heading home tomorrow. We have also done 3 portrait sessions. The first one was the birthday cake session Tuesday after lunch! That was a lot of fun, although Jorja was not too sure about the cake. I guess she just needs one of her Daddy's cakes! Here are a few sneak peak's:

Then we did a session with Jorja's pretty Easter dress after dinner on Tues.

The next session was EARLY this morning for a "Mommy and Me" session. Needless to say Jorja did so good this time with her portraits. She was a trooper. I think it helped to break up the sessions a little bit.

Then this afternoon we went swimming (which was quite a challenge I must say with 3 infants and only 2 adults). Luckily there were some nice people at the pool to help us out. And can you believe we did not take any pictures!!! Can you believe that? So when we got home we ate dinner and gave the girls a bath! Isaac was so jealous that he couldn't take a bath with the girls! He stood at the door (which was shut) and talked to us most of the time while sticking his fingers under the door trying to get in. This is what we got: Also see Jorja's blog for more details on bath time! It's HYSTERICAL!!
Sharing the water bucket!

Jorja needs a turn with the ball Hadleigh!

HaHa....this bath is so much fun with Jorja!
LOVE those BUNS!!

My favorite of Hadleigh during this bath! So funny!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1 year shots & 1st Hair Cut

So yesterday I took Isaac for his 1 year check up! It was AWFUL to say the least! He weighed 21 and 3/4 lbs and was 30 inches long! The doctor did his check up and then the nurse came in! He had to have a TB test, 6 shots (3 in each leg) and blood work done! Of course he SCREAMED the whole time, although I am not convinced that it was because ANY of it hurt, I am pretty sure it was the fact that I was holding him down. Then today we took him for his VERY FIRST haircut! He did so good! He didn't scream or cry or anything. I just kept feeding him bananas and he kept taking the hairdresser's comb. He looks so cute.

Isaac Joseph Lankford

Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Hadleigh Jane Lankford

Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker